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Positive Buoyancy album cover 2022

This is my new album. A personal journey of holding balance between being a good friend, parent, lover and dealing with grief and the dark temptations of life. This is my mid 90's dance album, half digital / half analogue and released 2nd of February 2022.

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Positive Buoyancy - darkvoice 2022 (c)

  1. Neutral Buoyancy
  2. Everybody Nice
  3. Bones
  4. Negative Buoyancy
  5. Rain
  6. Waves
  7. Circuit Dreams
  8. Go Back in Your Eyes
  9. Positive Buoyancy

Thanks to Jason Quinn for mixing the hell out my tracks. Thanks to Speyeral (Soundwizard7) for her lyrics, graphixgoddess as the perfect narrator, Marloes Lupker for the beautiful album artwork, my kids for their energy and artwork for each track, my family, parents Andy and Lya and Elfi for her patience in letting me do what I needed to do. And my friends for listening to all layers of music production. Special thanks to Lennart who is responsible for creating multiple grooves and beats, which I thankfully adapted to be my own songs (sorry :-).

album teaser


Neutral Buoyancy
Everybody Nice
Negative Buoynacy
Circuit Dreams
Go Back in Your Eyes
Positive Buoynacy

this is me


Born in 1973. Living in: Amsterdam. Started producing voice basic music after my fathers death in 1997. Voice Based Music: voices as THE main instrument. All sounds during these times are recodings of voices / vocals (which mostly are mine). Experimenting with techno / ambient / beats / rythms and landscapes of noises. Although I am a happy positive kind of guy, making dark sounds is something I really enjoy. Many years later (being a parent) exploring other ways to express my moods / feelings using gear and computer generated sounds. Making music is a way to do something without boundaries, rules and very personal way to make what I want.


New stuff - work in progress

Darkvoice live '23

First time live - 50 years and dropping beats!

Thcirt Saam '23

New old track: "thcirt saaM" (2023) (c) New version and visuals made by AI: dark, moody, broken heart, death, love and techno with vocals from 20+ years ago.

Darkvoice 2023 live mix

Live mix of the best Darkvoice tracks.

Rain (train mix'23)

Rain, the train mix video: coping with grief and loss.


Bones (c) Visuals made by AI - a living painting

Driller Seeker

New track 2023 (c) early demo

Still in my head

New track: "Still in my Head" (2022) (c) New version and visuals.

Wish U Mine

A new Darkvoice track and video! A hard techno rave about thinking and drinking after your evening out. Flesje wijn... Made in 2022 (c)

B sides

Mix of jams / demos around 2017 - 2021 what did not make it on the album Positive Buoyancy.


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Amsterdam, Netherlands